Sales Network

VARXIL’s Commercial Division has succeeded in creating a strong sales network, based on the experience and excellent technical expertise of our staff. The company’s human resources are constantly being trained in new trends and techniques relating to hotel furniture, offering our clients solutions of high quality and aesthetic standards.
The company has expanded its network of collaborating production units, throughout Greece. It has reorganised the VARXIL INTERNATIONAL factory and created new showrooms, so as to best serve its clients.
8 VARXIL reference points:

  • Romania (VARXIL INTERNATIONAL – production unit)
  • Turkey (production unit)
  • Hania (central offices and showroom)
  • Rethymno (production unit)
  • Athens (production unit)
  • Thessaloniki (production unit and showroom)
  • Rhodes (showroom)
  • Peloponnese (production unit)

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